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Fit Body, Happy Joints

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Your body doesn't have to hurt because of your workouts.

In Fit Body, Happy Joints, Shannon breaks down myths, popular philosophies, trends, and mindsets to determine what actually creates sustainable fitness. 

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Latest Episodes

Exercise can be aging OR anti-aging

Exercise can be anti-aging, but it can also accelerate aging. Find out how this happens and Shannon's three suggestions for creating a routine that is anti-aging.

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3 reasons you aren't seeing results

If you're working out consistently, eating well, and STILL not seeing results after several months, it could be for one (or all) of these three reasons. Shannon discusses how these three common workout elements can cause plateauing or declining results, and eventually cause frustrating joint pain.

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Why I don't Stretch

Dr. Shannon speaks on why she has decided to take stretching out of her regular routine and why she doesn't recommend regular stretching for her clients. 

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Exercise can INCREASE or DECREASE your metabolism 

To have a lean, fit body that isn't falling apart, you have to be wise with your workouts. In this episode, Dr. Shannon discusses some common workout mistakes that can actually decrease your metabolism and lead to less desirable long-term results. She also discusses how you can use exercise to IMPROVE your metabolism using four training concepts.

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More is not better

Dr. Shannon Ritchey, PT, DPT explains how exercise that is too frequent and too intense can lead to undesirable results over the long-term. She describes how long it takes to see visual results from strength training, and how we've internalized soundbites from the fitness culture that are damaging to our bodies.

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