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Live classes

Attend a live class with Shannon nearly every day of the week. All classes are recorded, with 200+ past classes to choose from. 

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Variety of formats 

Weight lifting, Pilates, yoga sculpt, and cardio are all taught weekly, so you're always looking forward to your next class.

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Joint-health resources

Explore a huge library of classes to improve range of motion and stability.*

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Evlo is not physical therapy or medical advice. Evlo is not designed to treat pain or injury. Get approval from your doctor before starting.

"The 'no pain, no gain' methodology has normalized body-destructive fitness. Our mission at Evlo is to reverse that mindset by providing more joint-friendly fitness classes that drive lasting results."

- Dr. Shannon Ritchey, PT, DPT

You can develop a strong body, AND feel good in your joints. 

It's not about quantity of time in your workouts. 

It's not about pushing your body to its limits. 

It's about intentional, methodical, highly effective training that doesn't wear your body down. 

Evlo seeks to build fit, strong bodies with less joint wear-and-tear. In each class, your muscles will feel challenged, but your joints will feel supple and strong. 

Evlo is not a replacement for physical therapy, nor is it intended to treat pain. We are a fitness membership intended to give options that may be more sustainble for your joints.


Structure and a plan

Using our schedule builder, you can answer a few questions and know which classes to take each week. We use the safest and most effective moves to target your muscles, based on science and biomechanics. 


Better results with access to 30 minute workouts

We know how busy our Evlo members are. That's why most of our classes are just 30 minutes long — because it shouldn't take hours to get a great workout! Evlo classes are designed by a physical therapist to give you the best (and safest) results in a short amount of time. And with the daily variety of classes, you'll never get bored.


Try the Evlo Method

If you're looking for a fit body that lasts a lifetime, you're in the right place. We're here to tell you that you really can have it all: develop a strong, muscular body, struggle with less exercise-related pain (or no pain!), develop a healthy mindset around exercise, and spend way less time doing it. 

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Shannon's story

I created Evlo (previously Levo Wellness) because I've worked with too many clients who were suffering because their exercise routine was breaking them down.

They could squat twice their body weight, but not sit on a plane for more than two hours without back pain.

They could run a marathon but were afraid to play soccer with their kids for fear of injuring their delicate knees.

I witnessed clients spend thousands of dollars on physical therapy, only to return to their exercise program and be back on my table the next month. My PT services were addressing the symptoms, not the cause. And the cause was nearly always a poorly designed exercise routine. 


I wasn't only motivated by my clients' suffering, but also by my own chronic pain. In my early 20s I was heavily exercising, doing lots of what I call "show-off" yoga, and pounding away at my body. I looked "fit," but I couldn't stand for more than 15 minutes because of my horrible back pain. That back pain turned into hip pain, which spiraled into shoulder pain, then wrist pain.

Eventually, it felt like I was completely falling apart. I was 24 years old. I tried stretching, dry needling, massage... all of which provided temporary relief, but the pain would always come back.

So I took a step back and did some research. I ended up diving headfirst into biomechanics, learning more than I even had in physical therapy school.

After years of studying biomechanics, muscle function, and neurology, I have found a formula that allows me to not only feel stronger than ever, but to do it pain-free. This formula is simple: choose exercises and a structured plan that have the best band-for-your-buck, but that stresses joints the least. I no longer have chronic pain of any kind. I can golf, dance, walk, run, and live my life freely without pain, because I treat myself well in my exercise routine.

Originally from Kansas, I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband. In my free time, I love to play sports like tennis and golf (badly) and sip the occasional craft cocktail with friends and family.

I earned my undergraduate degree and doctor of physical therapy from the University of Kansas. I focus my continuing education on biomechanics and muscular function. One of my favorite parts of my practice is providing "nerd-out" moments in each class I teach, weaving the science in with the fitness. I've also taught yoga and fitness for more than 10 years. 

More than anything, I believe that with the right tools, humans are capable of incredible things. I use this philosophy in my business, my personal development, and my view of how the body heals. I hope to get the opportunity to use that philosophy with you, as well.

See you in class!



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The Evlo Team

Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT

What do you do for Evlo? I am the Head of Content and teach classes!

What classes do you teach for Evlo? I teach Upper Body Build, 10-Minute Meditation, Full Body Build and Burn, and Flow + Strengthen!

Where can I find you when you’re not working? I love to go on walks through neighborhoods or trails here in Austin! You can also find me trying any restaurant that pops up!

What’s your favorite Evlo format? Flow + Strengthen probably takes the cake. It allows me to be really creative!

What’s your guilty pleasure? Definitely reality television. Big Brother, Bachelor and the Real Housewives have my heart! There’s just something about the chaos that let’s me zone out and relax! 

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Alicia Lesmann

What do you do for Evlo? I am Shannon’s Assistant! The go-to-gal for all things Evlo!

Where can I find you when you’re not working? Spending time with my two teenage daughters before they stop thinking I'm cool! You can also find me on a patio for happy hour or reading a good book. 

What’s your favorite Evlo format? The Evlo format is my absolute favorite! It incorporates, lower body build, upper body build, cardio burst, and burn. I love that it hits a little bit of everything! 

What’s your guilty pleasure? I'm a sports junky and I'm almost always watching a game of some sort. Football, baseball, hockey, golf, you name it!

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Allyson McElvain

What do you do for Evlo? I'm Evlo's creative and marketing gal! Basically I'm the ghost behind the social media and email blasts.

Where can I find you when you're not working? Normally chasing around my kids or on my front porch with a good book and a glass of wine.

What's your favorite Evlo format?Build and Burn! I'm a sucker for working all my muscles on the same day.

What's your guilty pleasure? Don't tell anyone but I love the Real Housewives franchise. Combine that with french fries and a DC from McDonald's and that's my dream night right there. 

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What our members have to say:

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Gina S.

“What I love about your workouts is that my muscles are feeling it without pain — muscles I didn’t know existed! The joint pain I had before Evlo is gone!”

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Andriana N.

“My back has NEVER felt better.  My body is no longer overworked and in a constant state of stress. That all has honestly translated into so much more happiness for me. I never thought I’d see the day where I was 95% pain-free, but here I am!”

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Erika K.

“Joining Evlo was the best fitness decision of my life. I spend way less time working out, yet I’m measurably stronger and my joints have never been happier. No more self-inflicted inflammation and muscle stiffness. Yay science!"

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Cristina W.

“Before joining Evlo I was doing workouts that wrecked my back, hip, knees, and feet. It knocked me out for months. Evlo has put this humpty dumpty back together again and rewired my “team extreme” workout mentality. I now feel so much stronger because my joints don’t ache! Bonus: I don’t walk around feeling like the tin man either.”

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