Build muscle in 2023 without overworking

The non-beginners guide to improving workout effectiveness and seeing better results

Free workshop

Jan 2nd 2023 @ 12pm CST

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In this Workshop, you'll learn:


How to improve body composition

There is an abundance of misinformation circulating in the fitness world. After this workshop, you will understand the common mistakes to avoid and have clear direction on where to focus.


Tools to design a workout and nutrition plan

We will teach you how to structure your macros and workout plan in a way that won't leave you feeling restricted around food or broken down due to over-exercise.


How to track your progress

This workshop comes with a free printable tracker that you can use to keep yourself accountable and moving forward throughout the entire year.

Working out consistently but not seeing results? 


There is a reason it isn't common to sustain fitness results: the traditional fitness dogma is outdated and misleading.


It causes women to focus their precious energy on the wrong things, leading to burnout and frustration.


I gained 5 lb of muscle in 2023 using the information I'll teach in this workshop.


Over one year, I took 3 reset weeks, traveled monthly, and was never overly restrictive with food. I was gentle on my body but consistent.


This approach not only feels better on my joints, but I know I can sustain this type of fitness routine my entire life. 


I'll teach you how to do the same in 2023.

Fitness results that you can sustain for your lifetime by learning:

  • How to stop overworking in the gym 
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • How to match your nutrition to your training
  • How to build muscle without costing your joint health, emotional health, or hormonal health

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Jan 2nd 12-1pm CST

This event is live only. The replay and materials will be available to Evlo members only.

About Dr. Shannon

Doctor of Physical Therapy, 12-year experienced fitness trainer, and owner of Evlo Fitness


Gentle consistency is truly the secret sauce.

For years I struggled with overworking, undereating, and thus chronic pain with little to show. 

I transitioned to a muscle-building approach, but it looked different than the traditional squats and overhead presses and the "no pain, no gain" mentality that is common with lifting programs.

My workouts are gentle but load muscles in the right ways to produce change. I also changed my nutrition drastically this year, which allowed my workouts to produce better results.


I'm excited to share this information with you so that you can do the same!