Workout without pain: 4 tips for success

2021 can be your year to exercise without pain. 2020 was mine. 


This year, I exercised for fewer hours than I have in years. This year, I am physically stronger than I’ve ever been. This year is the first year I haven’t had to skip a single workout because of an injury. This year, I’ve finally been able to move past my daily chronic back pain. 


There have been many technical things I’ve changed about my workouts. I’ve learned more about exercise mechanics and force distribution, which has led me to prioritize certain exercises more frequently than others. I’ve chosen to leave some common exercises out of my routine completely. I’ve learned to program my workouts, so I challenge my muscles sufficiently for change without overusing them and causing inflammation. Although these technical changes have made a huge difference, I think the biggest differences come from the changes in my mindset. 

1. Gentle on my joints...

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