Healthy Ways to Measure Your Workout

Being “in shape” doesn’t just mean looking tight and having big muscles. It also means your joints are resilient and healthy. I can’t tell you how many physical therapy clients I’ve seen that look amazing, but are in constant pain. They could run a marathon, but they can’t sit on a plane for more than 2 hours without agonizing back pain. They can squat twice their body weight, but they can’t pick up their kids. They have toned arms, but their shoulder pain won’t let them reach the top cabinet. They look strong, but they are unstable.  


I believe the “no pain, no gain” methodology brought us to a place where destroying our bodies during workouts is the norm. It’s my career mission to reverse that mindset through education and empowerment. We need to re-evaluate how we are exercising and what it means to be fit. Exercise should build you UP. It should elevate the physical ability of your body. Creating...

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