Three muscles to stop stretching


Have you ever been frustrated that you constantly stretch and still feel tight?

Stretching is usually the go-to modality when you feel tight in a muscle. However, stretching almost never solves the feeling of tightness.

Tightness is a protective mechanism from your nervous system when it senses you could enter into a range of motion that could injure you, which is why I’m not a huge fan of stretching.

Stretching bypasses your nervous system’s natural protective mechanism (tightness). Your body is trying to protect you from a range of motion that it can’t control.

We don’t know if the tightness is because of unfamiliarity with that range of motion or due to instability or because there is a structural block like a bone spur, cartilage or ligament tear, etc.

So because we can’t know your nervous system’s reason for holding tightness without imaging, it might be safer to respect the tightness. In my membership, we work to improve mobility by...

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