Cross training with Evlo

By Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT 

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been diving into how to achieve 3 different goals using Evlo:

Goal 1: Feel Better, Get Stronger

Goal 2: Increase Muscle Definition 

Goal 3: Cross Training with Evlo 

Last week, we explored all things “Increase Muscle Definition”. Click here to review that post!


What is cross training?

The term “cross training” is most commonly used to describe incorporating a form of exercise other than an athlete’s primary sport. But this idea can be applied far beyond “an athlete”! 

There is consistent evidence to support cross training for individuals whose primary form of activity is endurance training, especially running. Typically in said studies, researchers seek to understand the effect of strength training on elements like running economy (think running efficiency), time trials, sprint performance, and body...

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So am I really ready for maintenance?

By: Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT

It is one thing to intellectually understand the benefits of building muscle. It is another to act upon it! In today’s post, we will discuss WHY we should care about muscle growth (especially us millennial women!!), the dichotomies of muscle building, what genetic factors are at play, and what to do IF you are truly ready to maintain your muscle mass as opposed to continuing to build it.

Why you should care about muscle growth.

Building muscle is crucial for healthy aging, especially for women! As we age, sarcopenic changes begin to occur. Sarcopenia can be defined as age-related loss of skeletal muscle tissue. 

In his invited review on aging and sarcopenia, Timothy Doherty analyzes the current data. Doherty highlights literature findings that reveal the following: 

  1. Losses in strength that occur due to aging are directly correlated with a decrease in muscle mass
  2. Decrease in strength is mainly affected by loss of muscle mass, NOT an...
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3 tips to make your workouts more effective

There is so much confusing information about what type of exercise is the “best.” Is it cardio? Is it functional movement? Is it yoga? Of course, there is no “best” type of exercise. I believe in doing a little bit of everything. Moving your body in different ways is crucial. 


If I were to focus my attention on one type of exercise, it would be more targeted strength training, using a method I call “Highly Effective Strength Training” or “HEST.”


I’ll get into why HEST is effective and some characteristics of this method to incorporate into your routine, but let’s first talk about why to consider shifting your focus towards strength training if you haven’t already. 


A primary goal of your exercise program should be to gain muscle. I think women especially avoid heavy lifting because they are afraid to get “bulky.” To me, this is the least of your concerns. I stress this in all...

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