Soreness isn't a good measure of your workout's effectiveness



As humans, we want to know our workouts are making a difference and worth our time. With fitness watches, we now immediately access information that could point to our workout's efficacy. These devices can relatively precisely indicate how many calories we've burned, how we've challenged our cardiovascular system (heart rate), and even if we were in a fat-burning zone and for how long. 


However, one way a fitness watch falls short is in giving us measures for how effectively we've worked our muscles, which is the most important part of an exercise routine. And because we are used to seeing data about our workouts, we look to other indicators that will prove to us whether or not we did something effective. 


For many, that indicator is soreness. It feels satisfying to feel sore the day after a workout, and it's tempting to believe that we did something that got us a step closer to our desired results. However, research tells us that soreness is...

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