What foam rolling is and isn't doing for your body

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What foam rolling is and isn't doing for your body

In today’s podcast, Dr. Shannon dives into all things foam rolling, massage gunning, *insert recovery tool of choice here*. She breaks down what these tools are and are not doing for your body. Dr. Shannon highlights the all too common practice of utilizing these tools as a bandaid for overuse and how to assess if you might be doing this as well! 

What these tools ARE doing for you:

Foam rollers and massage guns modulate your nervous system. They activate mechanoreceptors within the muscles, providing helpful inputs to send back to the brain. Mechanoreceptors are receptors within the muscle that respond to external stimuli. These stimuli can include touch/pressure implemented from the apparatus of your choice. 

When these mechanoreceptors are stimulated, they send a signal back to your brain. This signal is an input that gives your brain a sense of where that muscle is in space. When our brain has this helpful information, it often feels “safer”. It...

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How to solve psoas tightness

Our brains prefer to oversimplify things, and attribute one muscle as our root problem. 

Although it would be easier to blame one muscle for our problems, this is never the case. We are complex system, and the more we can uncover about our body as a system, the better we can treat ourselves. Understanding how our bodies operate is key to feeling freedom and mobility in our joints and giving us the ability to do the things we love without pain.

A popular muscle that tends to get attention is the psoas. Let's discuss what this muscle is, why it gets tight, and how to improve it's function. 


What is the psoas? 


The psoas is a hip flexor, that also has many other roles. The psoas muscle has two parts:

 1. Psoas major

The psoas major attaches from your lumbar spine (lower back) to your femur (thigh bone). The psoas major is a hip flexor and the connection between your lower body and your trunk.

 2. Psoas minor 

The psoas minor...

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