How to Workout When You're Stressed

Today I want to give you some ideas of how to exercise when you’re stressed. We know that exercise can be stress-reducing, but it can also contribute to stress, spiraling the issue. I think a lot of people also avoid moving altogether when they’re stressed because they think they need to have an intense session or why bother. 

However, I’m a firm believer that the better you are at dipping and diving through the obstacles of your life instead of staying rigid, the better your life will be. And, dare I say, the better your health will be. Inevitably, we’re going to go through stressful times. It’s about recognizing when you’re in one and adapting accordingly. 

Today I’ll talk about: 

  1. Why you’re more likely to get injured when you’re stressed 
  2. Neuroendocrine responses to stress 
  3. How to recognize when you’re stressed 
  4. My suggestion for how to exercise when you’re experiencing a mentally...
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Overuse in exercise: what is it and how to avoid it


Overuse injuries are among the most common reasons for joint pain that I see in my clients who are exercise enthusiasts.


The great part is that overuse injuries are entirely avoidable, and with the proper regression, most can fully recover from these injuries. So don't fret if you think overuse may be an issue in your body. 


This post will review what overuse injuries are, how to know if you're at risk, and how to avoid them. 


What are overuse injuries? 


Overuse injuries affect the tendons and are generally referred to as tendinopathies. Muscles attach to the bone via a tendon, and a when a muscle contracts, it pulls on the tendon to ultimately move the joint. 


When muscles are contracted under a certain amount of load or repetition during exercise, they pull on the tendon and cause microdamage in the tendon. In the right dose, this is a good thing. It stimulates regeneration of the collagen in the tendon, allowing it to...

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