What foam rolling is and isn't doing for your body

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What foam rolling is and isn't doing for your body

In today’s podcast, Dr. Shannon dives into all things foam rolling, massage gunning, *insert recovery tool of choice here*. She breaks down what these tools are and are not doing for your body. Dr. Shannon highlights the all too common practice of utilizing these tools as a bandaid for overuse and how to assess if you might be doing this as well! 

What these tools ARE doing for you:

Foam rollers and massage guns modulate your nervous system. They activate mechanoreceptors within the muscles, providing helpful inputs to send back to the brain. Mechanoreceptors are receptors within the muscle that respond to external stimuli. These stimuli can include touch/pressure implemented from the apparatus of your choice. 

When these mechanoreceptors are stimulated, they send a signal back to your brain. This signal is an input that gives your brain a sense of where that muscle is in space. When our brain has this helpful information, it often feels “safer”. It...

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Beginner's Guide to Evlo

By: Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT 

WELCOME TO EVLO!! We are so happy you are here! This is your guide to all things Evlo- where to start and where to go. Let’s dive in! 

Recommended Equipment 

Before starting your Evlo journey, we recommend having a few pieces of equipment on hand! Recommended equipment for each individual class can be found in the description below the class video. 

Example of class description with recommended equipment


We use a variety of dumbbells throughout the week of classes including light, medium, and heavy weights. When you first begin Evlo, we recommend starting with the following weight selections: 

Heavy: 8 lbs or less

Moderate: 5 lbs or less

Light: 1-3 lbs 

Resistance bands 

Click here to see an option from Amazon! These types of packs allow you to try out different levels of resistance to fit your individual needs. 


Click here for an amazon option! Gliders can easily be...

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