Top three deltoid exercises


Shoulder pain? Neck pain? Limited mobility?


I believe that if we only treat tightness and pain, the problem will never truly go away.


Instead, look at what stressors are causing the tightness/pain and replace those movements with more mechanically sound ones whenever possible. 


Choosing mechanically sound exercises more frequently will result in lasting results, stronger muscles, less inflammation, and a more preserved shoulder joint. 


To be honest, studying mechanics is frustrating because I'm realizing that the exercises I have been doing for years aren't necessarily the most ideal. I'm starting to understand why fitness enthusiasts commonly have neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, labral tears, and impingement syndrome. It's because many common exercises aren't as mechanically sound and might not target muscles like we think they do. This leads to over-stressing certain areas and under-stressing others, leading to...

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