7 "Core Norms" Debunked

There are many "givens" in the fitness and physical therapy world, and as someone who is seeking to help others, it's important to continually challenge those norms. I do this with my own philosophies constantly - I'm always looking for different angles, and I often prove myself wrong. That's the beauty of this industry. It's changing as we learn more about science, the body, and the brain. 


To that end, I want to apply an analytical lens to norms about the "core." I always challenge my clients that if they aren't getting the results they want - either because they are in pain or because they do not see progress, it might be a good time to re-evaluate your routine and beliefs. `


What is the "core?"


The "core" is a common term used in the fitness world, but it has various definitions and isn't very specific. In this post, I'll often use the word "trunk," which refers to all the muscles in 360 degrees surrounding your spine. 



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