Do I need to be sore after my workout?

If there’s one thing the fitness industry understands, it’s that novelty sells. The programs claiming the latest and greatest in the fitness industry will catch the eyes of fitness enthusiasts, and become the next fad, at least for now. 

I get it, I know I tend to get bored with my workouts, and mixing it up sometimes can make working out more exciting and enjoyable, and hopefully keeps you coming back for more!

This is where Muscle Confusion comes in. Muscle Confusion is a popular theory in the fitness industry, which claims that switching up your workouts will help you avoid a plateau. 

However, there’s another reason muscle confusion became so popular, muscle soreness. People interpret soreness after a workout as meaning that it was more effective.

However, studies show this is not the case. Studies show that soreness is not a reliable indicator of the effectiveness of your workouts. Let’s break it down:

You're more likely to experience DOMS...

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Why You’re Not Seeing Results at the Gym, And How to Fix it

Effective Workouts without the Strain

In my last blog post, we discussed the myth widely spread throughout the fitness industry that harder automatically equals better. If you haven’t read that yet I encourage you to go back and read before diving into today’s topic!

Today, we’re going to talk about the reason why harder does not automatically equal better in a workout, and the potential dangers of believing that.

The Mechanics of your Workout

Every muscle tends to be stronger when it is lengthened, and weaker when it is shortened. This is called the strength profile of the muscle. For example, your glutes are stronger when your hip is flexed (knee towards your chest), and weaker when it is extended (hip fully straightened).

Because of this strength profile, you want what is called the resistance curve of an exercise to “feel” the most challenging when the muscle is longer, and “feel” easier as the muscle shortens. This is the most optimal,...

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Biggest Myths of the Fitness Industry

The Calorie Burning Myth

There’s a norm in the physical fitness industry that makes people feel like they have to be near death after their gym session to feel like they’ve done enough.

My clients are proof that it is not. They are proof that you can see results in home workouts that are joint-friendly and reduce muscle strain. 

“I’ve been doing Evlo for 3 months and I’ve worked out for a decade doing CrossFit and everything, but I’ve never seen results as I’ve seen with Evlo. I’m definitely much more defined and gained 5 lb of muscle and my clothes fit better.” shared an Evlo client. 

My goal with Evlo has always been the same: to educate people who don’t understand the consequences of certain workouts and are only exercising this way because they have been told that they have to do it that way to see results from the gym. 

I want to break down how we got to this “all or nothing” mentality in the...

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