Exercise and Cortisol

Exercise is a stress to the body. It is disrupting the equilibrium of your body, which your body interprets as stress. This means exercise will spike cortisol.

Chronically elevated cortisol will result in problems in your body, as I discussed earlier. However, studies show that regular exercise can improve your stress response, even though it acutely spikes cortisol acutely or right away. 

So the answer is not to stop exercising all together. The answer is to figure out how to dose exercise so that your body responds favorably. 

A common thing I've been told from my Evlo members is that they work out less frequently and intensely with my program, and yet they see more desirable changes in their bodies. 

This change happens partly because of the exercise selection we are choosing - we are intentionally choosing exercises that load the muscles in the most effective ways with minimal joint stress. That results in better muscle adaptation with less painful joints. But it...

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The four main causes of back pain

Back pain is complex because your spine is loaded with neuro-sensitive tissues like ligaments, nerves, and muscles that have the primary goal of protecting your spinal cord. But back pain isn’t always due to structural, mechanical damage. 


Studies have shown MRI images of people with back pain who have no structural damage, and yet their pain is real. Although back pain often results from structural damage like degeneration or disc herniations, that isn't always the cause of pain. 


There are many components that signal pain, and one blog post won't scratch the surface of this topic's complexity. But to simplify it, tissue dysfunction and pain can be boiled down to too much stress without enough recovery. 


In order for your body to function well, recover from exercise, build muscle, and be metabolically and emotionally healthy, you have to have a balance between your recovery response, and your stress response. These two systems are called...

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