Beginner's Guide to Evlo

By: Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT 

WELCOME TO EVLO!! We are so happy you are here! This is your guide to all things Evlo- where to start and where to go. Let’s dive in! 

Recommended Equipment 

Before starting your Evlo journey, we recommend having a few pieces of equipment on hand! Recommended equipment for each individual class can be found in the description below the class video. 

Example of class description with recommended equipment


We use a variety of dumbbells throughout the week of classes including light, medium, and heavy weights. When you first begin Evlo, we recommend starting with the following weight selections: 

Heavy: 8 lbs or less

Moderate: 5 lbs or less

Light: 1-3 lbs 

Resistance bands 

Click here to see an option from Amazon! These types of packs allow you to try out different levels of resistance to fit your individual needs. 


Click here for an amazon option! Gliders can easily be replaced by towels, paper plates, or even socks!

Pilates ball

We utilize a small pilates ball for most of our abdominal work. See the one we use from Amazon here! If you don’t have access to a ball, you can use a small pillow in its place. 

Low stool or stack of books

We use a stool or stack of books for a few of our lower body exercises. Check out a low stool option here

Kitchen chair 

We recommend a stable chair that you can stand on and that you could use as support! Here is the chair Shannon uses in class. 


We do not play music over the classes for copyright purposes! We also know that our style of music might not be for you ;) This is why we link an optional Spotify playlist found in the description of each class! If you are streaming the class from a mobile device, you will need to use a separate device to play the music.

The music is completely optional! You can choose to play your own music or no music at all! 

Example of optional playlist link

Foundations Program 

We highly recommend starting with our Foundations program. This program is a 4-week introduction to the Evlo classes and exercises. Even if you are not new to exercise, it is a great way to get comfortable with our style of classes + the transitions between exercises. We move quickly in our weekly classes and created Foundations to help you feel successful when you transition into them! 

Click here to head to Foundations! 

Modification Chart/Form Breakdowns 

The modification chart is the holy grail for navigating through our different exercises! We created this document to make choosing an exercise that works best for your body a breeze. 

This document includes hyperlinks to available form breakdown videos for each exercise! Take some time exploring the videos and exercises as you dive into classes! 

Click here for the modification chart. 

Click here for all form breakdown videos. 

Schedule Builder 

Once you are ready to hop into our weekly classes, click here to build your personalized schedule! The schedule builder takes into account the number of days you would like to work out (3, 4, or 5) as well as your individual goals. 

Once you receive your results, head to the current week of classes. Once there, you can filter the classes to match your schedule. Let’s take the guesswork out of your routine to give you the best possible results!


Choose your desired class schedule

Nutrition Modules 

If you’re looking for nutrition guidance in conjunction with your fitness routine, check out the nutrition modules created by Functional Registered Dietitian, Katherine Andrew! 

Intro Program: Fueling your fitness

This introductory program is the PERFECT place to start. This program includes 9 short and digestible videos to lay a solid nutrition foundation. Katherine highly recommends that every member start with these videos, regardless of your history or knowledge of nutrition. These videos are meant to be watched in succession! 

Creating a Macro Plan

Once finished with the intro program, members can hop over to Katherine’s brand new program: Creating a Macro Plan!! This program is a 5-part video series that helps members successfully build a macro plan that works for them as individuals. Katherine gives two different options for tracking macros, with and without numbers, to suit these individual needs. Get ready to feel armed with the tools for success!! 

Helpful podcasts + blogs 

Interested in more information? Check out these podcast episodes and blog posts!

Fit Body, Happy Joints Episodes:

#35: How cortisol affects body composition

#39: The five basics that drive results (that most people don't follow)

#40: FAQ #1: Cardio dosage, stretching, gaining muscle mass without lifting super heavy

Evlo Blog Posts:

How to use your thoughts and words to decrease pain and improve muscle growth

When, why, and how to go up in resistance (and the steps to take in between!)

How to create a workout plan that works for YOU: Incorporating other types of exercise into your Evlo routine

We hope you find this guide helpful as you begin your Evlo journey! Please feel free to reach out with any questions at [email protected] or via the Forums section of the platform. We will see you in class!!



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